Rattamatatt, by Kathryn shaw, is a handmade clothing label based on the South Coast of NSW.​

Created out of a need for small quantity, ethically made slow fashion where there is an emphasis on fit and fabric quality; Rattamatatt is a range of bright and colourful prints on classic timeless shapes. 

Kathryn previously worked full time in the fashion industry. Having spent 12 years working in fashion, she uses her knowledge to prepare her styles for market by fitting on a range of customers so that the styles suit a variety of body shapes.

Spending her time sourcing captivating textures and prints to create a vibrant and limited quantity of pieces, Kathryn prides herself on the range being a collection of classically shaped designs that create the perfect fit.

At the heart of it, Rattamatatt is creating slow fashion, made from high quality fabrics that will stand the test of time, which can be seen in the quality and detail of each individually handcrafted piece

Kathryn enjoys supporting independent artists by ordering digitally printed fabrics in small runs from either local or overseas artists and printing in Australia in Melbourne wherever possible. Rattamatatt also uses fabrics that are sourced from small independent fabric suppliers locally in Australia and from agents that represent many internationally recognised designers.

Keeping in line with her ethos of sustainable, long lasting fashion, Rattamatatt uses recycled fabrics for winter coats from local shops; repurposing beautiful fabrics that invoke emotive memories for the wearer, while using quality fabric to line each piece, creating something even better.

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